Saturday, May 11, 2019

The World-Wide Stargate Network -- post 1

We all know it exists. A world-wide network of stargates built by fans in countries all over the globe. Really I should say built, sewn, quilted, knitted, crocheted, painted, drawn, moulded, 3D printed... I'm pretty sure that every Stargate fan with even a hint of inner artist or maker has tackled the giant ring at some point.

I have drawn the gate as a cartoon and am working on a pattern for a knit version to go with my knit SG-1 team. The knit project isn't going particularly quickly since I am making the patterns up myself from scratch. So far, I have Daniel finished and most of Jack. Poor Jack doesn't have a head or arms yet.

My point is, I KNOW there are stargates all over the world. As I stated in a previous post, I'm on the hunt for them and interested in interviewing their creators. I am starting off with a very cool project. Stargate Superfan Sommer Roy, has shared with me photos of the working iris she constructed out of paper. Safety first. We must have an iris, if we're going to have stargates. Once the dust settles, and the team in England has time to be interviewed, I will be sharing with you the massive, 1:1, Stargate. But let's begin with an iris.

Q: Hi, Sommer. Tell me about your iris. When did you make it?

A: I actually used the pics of the Stargate in my Submission Video for the Stargate Superfan Contest. I made it years ago.

Q: Did you find instructions/a pattern somewhere or come up with the design yourself? Is it an origami iris or cut and assembled?
A: I saw a basic tutorial on YouTube but their measurements were off so I had to calculate the circumference of the circle in relation to the size of the individual iris took a few tries to get the formula correct.

Q: What materials and techniques did you use?

A: It is a fully functional iris held together by brads. It's becoming a bit flimsy because it's getting older, I totally want to convert it to a resin iris or 3d printed iris. I used poster paper, scissors, a compass, math, and brads. I cut out and assembled each individual piece.

Q: What would you like me to use as your location on the Earthgate network? It needn't be exact. Something akin to Southern California, but your own home state is good. I don't want to give out anyone's exact location.

A: You can use Texas on the Earthgate network.

Q: How long did it take to make?

A: It took a few days to perfect the formula to make the iris fit the circle. And then a few hours after knowing the formula.

Sommer Roy's working iris

Sommer of Texas
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  1. So Awesome!! ❤️ Thank you so much for the interview!! You know us Texans, the first thing we want to do is have an Iris to hold down the fort!! Haha!! So glad to be apart of your Gate Network!! ❤️


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