Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Looking for the World-Wide Gate Network

So far I have been focusing this blog on the fans of the Stargate universe and what we do. I want very much to continue with that. There are already lots of amazing sites out there covering breaking news and I am finding it incredibly fun to meet and interview the talented people in our fandom.

To that end, I am currently looking for fans who have made their own Stargate. My idea is to interview Crafters and Makers about how they made their gate. I hope to make a world map showing our Stargate Network. Please no store-bought gates! I am looking purely for self-made. This could be anything from 3-D models, to quilts, to jewelry, to life-sized gates made of Lego. Send me an email at along with a .jpg of your gate if you would like to be interviewed. I will then E-mail you a short questionnaire. Please pass the word that I am doing this. Let's see how many Stargates we can find by the end of May! 

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