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An Interview with Marcia Middleton -- the Stargate Superfan Representing Florida in the USA

This week's blog post is an interview with another of our Stargate Superfans. The Superfans were selected by Stargate Command/MGM. You can read more about that in earlier posts on the blog. Marcia Middleton is one of the fans representing the United States.

Gabby: Hi, Marcia. So, what part of the USA are you living in?

Marcia: Currently in Jacksonville, Florida, USA-- but I claim New York City, born and raised!

Gabby: And what is your current involvement in Stargate fandom?

Macia: I am currently a Stargate SuperFan, one of 10 selected throughout the world.  What a thrill!

Gabby: How did you first discover Stargate?

Marcia: I have always had an interest in pyramids and the mysteries surrounding them, as well as science and science fiction in general.  When I heard about the movie Stargate and saw the poster, I was already taken in-- an instant fan.  I will never forget seeing the film in the theater for the first time.  I made certain to sit in my favorite spot in the middle, a huge bucket of popcorn by my side.  The theatre darkened and the incredibly haunting music score created by David Arnold filled my head.  There was Giza, and the raising of the massive circular object.  Then the jump forward to Daniel Jackson’s lecture.  James Spader as Daniel Jackson was brilliant, and quirky and funny.  Kurt Russell as Jack O’Neil broke my heart as he struggled with the tragic death of his son.  When the two met, I knew there were going to be sparks.  In the gateroom, when the chevrons were locked in place for the first time--- my stars---what a dazzling effect!  Kawooosh!  I adored it when Daniel tentatively touching the event horizon then got whisked through to the other side to Abydos. ::sigh::

I saw the movie on the big screens at least, well….many times.  Stargate had burrowed itself deep into my consciousness, where it lies, safe and sound even today.  When it was gone from the theater I waited for the video release and purchased it immediately.  I have every version of the movie that has been released.  I collected most of the movie related items I could find, and yet still hoped for more someday.

Gabby: Do you have a favorite Stargate series and/or episode?

Marcia: Stargate series or episode?  Hey—what about the movie that started it all?!  Without the original movie…well you know the rest of that line.  It is so very true.  Without the original movie, nothing else of our beloved stargate universe would exist.  Stargate the original movie, is my favorite.

 Gabby: You are 100% correct. I shouldn't forget the movie. The movie was how I first fell in love with Stargate as well. Tell me who are your favorite characters and why?

Marcia: Hmmm… favorites are always a tricky question for me. Most of us adore the main characters.

For me, secondary characters, especially adversarial ones bring depth and flesh out storylines.  Through them and their interactions with the main characters, I learned even more about Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal’c.  Here are some of my fave evil ones:

Ra (Jaye Davidson) - Ra’s youthful look, belied the slithering evil inside.  Where would the Stargate movie story have been without Ra?!

Apophis (Peter Williams) - The first System Lord to really wrangle with the team time and time again.  Apophis set the stage for system lords to come.

Ba’al (Cliff Simon) - In Christian writings, Ba'al is thought of as a demon.  After watching the episode “Abyss”, appropriately the 6th episode of the 6th season, and how Ba’al continuously tortured Jack.…Ahem…yes.  Demon.  Perfectly portrayed.

Anise/Freya, aka Tok’ra Spice (Vanessa Angel) - Is Anise/Freya evil?  Well, perhaps not truly, BUT, she tried to horn in on Jack so….yes!

Senator Robert Kinsey (Ronny Cox) - We have to have political evil in a story like Stargate, and Senator Kinsey fit the bill nicely.

Gabby: The Superfans are all very active in Stargate Fandom. Besides the Superfans, what other fan groups or clubs do you belong to?

Marcia: Stargate Command, several online groups…I like to keep an overall view and see what is happening all over Stargate fandom!  I like to reach out to the four corners of the earth.

Gabby: What Stargate related activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

Marcia: I continue to look for and collect items from Stargate the movie. Organizing and attending events and conventions, personal interaction with fans…

Gabby: Do you have a favorite Stargate-related website that you think other fans would enjoy? What is it?

Marcia:I have to chat about my website:

Dean Devlin created the very first website specifically for a movie with Stargate. I loved it and knew he was on to the future. I was inspired by him to create a Stargate collectibles website, which is still up today. is my Stargate collectibles website where every single aspect: graphics, thumbnails, etc, were done by me long before pre-packaged website themes were available. Much of what is on is pretty old.  I thought of updating it, but have decided to keep it as it is-- a snapshot of that time and what it took to mount a website back then.

Gabby: How did you hear about the Stargate Superfan Project and what made you want to apply?

Marcia:I cannot remember the single place where I first heard about this unique MGM project, as I am on so many Stargate sites.  LOL.  There has been so much Stargate action in my life, that I felt they would want me!  They HAD to take me.

Here are some of the things I have done to cultivate Stargate fandom:
·       Created and chaired the first Stargate-only fan convention in the United States
·       Created the highly successful Stargate Offworld Track at Dragoncon
·       Director of the Stargate Offworld Track at Dragoncon
·       Produced Stargate fan panels at San Diego Comic con
·       Worked with many SG actors and creators to help them connect with fandom
·       Moderated dozens of panels with actors and creators
·       Assembled Stargate fan printed media – such as fanzines and convention guides
·       Liaison with merchandisers – Comic publishers, card companies, toy companies, etc.
·       Held a memorial service for Don S. Davis for fans and SG stars
·       Produced Stargate literary contests
·       Created the first Don S. Davis Memorial Charity Auction

Gabby: Apart from convention appearances, what does MGM have planned for the Superfan group this year?

Marcia: Plans are being worked on as we speak. There are some really cool things including working all over the world with Stargate fandom…stay tuned!

Gabby: I know MGM plans to join the Stargate fans at both the Gateway anniversary celebration in Chicago in June and at Comic-Con in San Diego in July, this year. I think they will be at Cal Mah in the UK, in September, as well. I will definitely be attending Comic-Con. Will you be going to any conventions, or participating in any events, live or online, this Spring/Summer as part of the Stargate Superfan Project?

Marcia: I, too, will be at San Diego Comic-Con as well as some other events that are still in the planning stage.  In addition, we all will be online every week with new sections of the all-new Stargate Command site, which is going to be unlike anything you have ever seen. (Don’t you love that phrase, especially in sci-fi?)

Gabby: I got my first look at Stargate Command's new look just this week. I stayed up VERY late exploring all of the new features. I'm excited to hear you and the other Superfans will be contributing to it.

Next question: If the SGC were real, I would want to be the base Librarian so I could examine all of the books and artifacts that the teams brought back. How about you? If you could have a job there, or anywhere in the Stargate universe, what would your job be?

Marcia: Nice question!

I would like to lead the team that goes back to some of the planets they visited and see what a mess they made after they left.  We would be the clean up/follow up crew. We have so many questions!

Gabby: Just one more question, and this is perhaps the most important. Jack O’Neill’s favorite color is ‘peridot,’ what is yours?

Marcia: Well, for me answering this question takes more than giving a simple straightforward answer.

When I was Director of the brand new Stargate Offworld Track at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, it was the first celebrity panel and our first day of a four-day weekend We were hosting almost a dozen stargate actors.  I was moderating the very first megapanel (megapanel is a word I coined for the panels where we had every guest on stage at the same time – up to a dozen or so).  Anyway, we had the wonderful Don S. Davis, and about 10 additionally amazing guests gathered and ready to interact with the fans.  It was an incredible start to an entirely new all Stargate adventure, and we were super excited!

When the panel began, I decided to ask some easy, fun, warm up questions of each guest—sort of teen magazine style.  One of my questions was  “What is your favorite color?”  We went down the line, and the color blue kept popping up as a favorite.  Waaaay down the line, by the time it was Kavan Smith’s turn, he took a huge breath, leaned down toward the microphone and in a low, deep, voice bellowed, “DARK blue!” The guests and the entire ballroom of fans roared with laughter.

Over the next 3 days of Stargate panels, when asked a question, Kavan randomly blurted out “Dark blue” as his first answer, then went on to give his true answer.  Soon the audience joined in whenever it was Kavan’s turn. It became one of our inside jokes.

On the last day of the convention, we had a joint Star Trek vs Stargate guests panel with co-moderators, me and Eric Watts, who was the Trek Track Director. I don’t even remember the question Kavan was asked, but his first answer, leaning forward into the microphone was, of course a bellowing “Dark blue!” Spontaneously, Stargate fans made it into a chant.  It was fabulous to hear the wave of “Dark Blue!” echo throughout the room like a rallying call. The Star Trek guests, fans and their moderator thought we were nuts.  It was so much fun to have a collective inside joke going with a great actor!  So….you ask - what is my favorite Stargate color? – All together now - Dark blue!

Gabby: Thank you so much, Marcia, for sharing your stories. I look forward to seeing you at Comic-Con in July. Next week, with have an interview with Australia Superfan Yvonne Cahill. Until then... Dark Blue!
Stargate Superfan, Marcia Middleton on stage at Wondercon

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