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An Interview with Yvonne Cahill -- the Stargate Superfan Representing Australia

Yvonne Cahill, Superfan
Yvonne Cahill is the Stargate Superfan representing Australia. She is from Perth, Western Australia, AUS, and more commonly goes by Yvie. Those of you who love fanfiction may know her by her pen name, Freya the Snake Slayer. I immediately liked Yvie when I met her at Wondercon. She was holding a mini Jack O'Neill that she had crocheted and I was holding a mini Daniel Jackson that I had knitted. I love meeting fellow crafters. Let's get to know her a bit better.

Gabby: Hi, Yvie. It's great talking to you again. So, tell me, how did you first discover Stargate?

Yvie: I first discovered Stargate about 7 years ago through my boyfriend (now husband), Adam. He was a fan of the franchise growing-up, but hadn’t rewatched the series in years. He convinced me to join him in a rewatch, although I was hesitant at first! It only took a few episodes to get me completely hooked! My Stargate passion quickly morphed and grew as I discovered fanfiction.

Gabby: Do you have a favorite Stargate series and episode?

Yvie: My favourite Stargate series is unquestionably SG-1 (I know my answer is completely cliche - and Jack HATES cliches, but it’s the honest truth!) My favourite episode is Window of Opportunity (which is also a cliche!) I love the balance of light and dark in this episode - it hits all the right notes (the obvious humour juxtapositioned with Malakai's heartbreaking loss and Jack's
empathy). There’s also “that” kiss in the control room between Jack and Sam! As a MacGyver fan, I also enjoyed watching the on-screen reunion of Richard Dean Anderson and Robin Mossley.

Gabby: What about your favorite character? Who is it and why?

Yvie: My favourite character is definitely Jack - he's just so complex! At first, you think he's this brash, unfeeling military stereotype with a tragic backstory, but as the series progresses you see the witty humour and delicate undertones in his personality (eg: his almost immediate acceptance of Teal'c in spite of "junior," the rapport he has with children, etc).

Gabby: The Superfans are all very active in Stargate Fandom. Besides the Superfans, what other fan groups or clubs do you belong to?

Yvie: I’m not sure if this qualifies, but I’m a registered user of and AO3

Gabby: Yes, that qualifies. Tell me more.

Yvie: I'm a fanfiction author, but it's just a hobby - my stories aren't supported/endorsed by MGM (they're not approved canon). That said, if any fans would like to read my short stories for a laugh, they can be found on under the pen name of Freya the Snake Slayer, or on AO3 under the pen name Freya_the_Snake_Slayer

Gabby: What Stargate related activities or hobbies do you enjoy? 

Yvie: As previously mentioned, I’m a fanfiction author. A lot of my free time is spent researching and writing my Stargate stories. I’ve also dabbled in a bit of poetry. I’ve written a few Stargate/Dr Seuss-inspired rhymes and one Stargate/Night Before Christmas-inspired rhyme. I also enjoy crocheting and painting! At the moment, I’m working on a crocheted version of SG-1. So far, I’ve made a Jack and Sam and I’ve just started on Teal’c. I’ve also hand painted two pairs of canvas shoes with a Stargate/Starry Night-inspired montage!

Gabby: I saw your shoes at Wondercon. They're brilliant. Do you have a favorite Stargate-related website that you think other fans would enjoy? What is it? 

Yvie: Other than Stargate Command, I also love Gateworld and Stargate Wiki. I use both of these sites as reference points for my fanfiction writing. I do my best to follow the Stargate lore.

Gabby: How did you hear about the Stargate Superfan Project and what made you want to apply?

Yvie: I first read about the Superfan Project via the Stargate Facebook page. As cheesy as it sounds, it literally made my heart flutter. I knew I had to apply - it felt like kismet! Stargate saw me through some difficult times and I wanted to pay it back - help to build it strong for the future!

Gabby: Apart from convention appearances, what does MGM have planned for the Superfan group this year?

Yvie: There’s a lot of exciting new projects and initiatives on the horizon for 2019! We’re not at liberty to discuss the finer details, but to quote the old adage - we’re working on it! The Superfan group is basically a Stargate think tank. Our main objective is to breathe new life into the 25 year-old franchise by pooling our unique strengths, resources and ideas. We’ve been brainstorming a lot of exciting new things, so all I can stay is - stay tuned!

Gabby: I know MGM plans to join the Stargate fans at several conventions this year. (Gateway in Chicago in June, Comic-Con in San Diego in July, and Cal Mah in the UK in September.) I will definitely be attending Comic-Con. Will you be going to any conventions as part of the Stargate Superfan Project?

Yvie: I'm planning to attend Cal Mah in the UK in September!

Gabby: If the SGC were real, I would want to be the base Librarian so I could examine all of the books and artifacts that the teams brought back. How about you? If you could have a job there, or anywhere in the Stargate universe, what would your job be?

Yvie: This is a tough question! As a writer and former journalism student, I'd like to be the person responsible for breaking the Stargate news story to the world (it would be the ULTIMATE scoop!!!) If the SGC were real AND the program was revealed to the world, I'd like to run the Stargate Gift Shop. I currently work in customer service and can be quite persuasive!

Gabby: Just one more question, and this is perhaps the most important. Jack O’Neill’s favorite color is ‘peridot,’ what is yours? 

Yvie: My colour preferences vary based on mood, but I’m quite partial to amaranth!

Gabby: Thanks, Yvie. It was great talking to you again. Next week will feature an interview with Superfan Taylor Underwood, TheStargateGuy. I hope you will all tune in then. 

Hanging out at the Stargate Command booth at Wondercon, 2019. Pictured: Jenny Seelman Stiven (MGM), Marcia Middleton, Bra Zat, Nicole Rodriguez Galdo and Yvonne Cahill.

Yvonne Cahill on stage at Wondercon

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